Reel 2014

Markus Kranzler – Demo Reel 2014 from Markus Kranzler on Vimeo.

shading & lighting reel 2014

This reel includes work from my graduation projects from Filmakademie as well as commercial projects that I did at MPC London and Trixter Film in Munich.


//The Present
This is my graduation project where I was the Lead TD. My Tasks where shading, lighting, rendering, pipeline development and some grooming on the dog character.
Software used: Maya, PRMan, Yeti

//Wedding Cake
Annie Award 2014 – Best Student Film
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 – Best Student Project
This was a graduate project from last year. I was the Lead Lighting TD and besides shading and lighting shots, I supervised a team of 4 other lighting artists.
Software used: Houdini, Mantra

//Rollin’ Wild
SIGGRAPH 2013 – Best Student Project
This was the first project I used Houdini on. I simulated, shaded and rendered the dust effects.
Software used: Houdini, Mantra

VES Awards 2013 – Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project
The first Project I worked on at the Filmakademie. I did some shader development in RSL and Slim, because some parts of the film were planned to be rendered in RenderMan, but due to a lack of time one of the directors decided to solely use VRay so he could help shading and lighting.
Software used: Maya, VRay

//Spherical Harmonic Lighting
This was my Thesis work for my Masters in Mathematics. I implemented Spherical Harmonic Lighting for RenderMan Studio 3. This was prior to RenderMan ProServer 16 which also has a possibility to calculate the Spherical Harmonic coefficients (but without actual lights that can use this information).
I did this as an intern at Trixter Film in Munich.
Software used: Maya, RenderMan Studio 3, RSL, C++ Dso, python.

//James Bond “Skyfall” + Superman “Man of Steel”
During my summer break 2012 I went to The Moving Picture Company in London as a lighting and lookdev intern.
Software used: Maya, PRMan

//Iron Man 3
Right before I went to London, I got a request from Trixter that they urgently needed help for a ComicCon Teaser. We had less than 4 weeks for about 30 shots with 5 lighting TDs.
Software used: Maya, PRMan

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