Reel 2012

Demo Reel 2012 from Markus Kranzler on Vimeo.

shading, lighting & effects reel 2012

This reel includes the first projects I worked on at Filmakademie.


/ Rollin’ Safari – Simulating/Lighting/Rendering of the dust FX done in Houdini and Mantra

/ Natalis – Shading, Rendering and Pipeline development for RenderMan and V-Ray

/ Wedding Cake – Lighting and Rendering done in Houdini

/ Bissige Hunde – Rigid Body Simulation done in Houdini

/ Spherical Harmonic Lighting – The topic of my thesis, Implementing SHL for RenderMan (before RPS 16)

/ Fischkøpp – Water FX done in Realflow

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