About me


my name is Markus Kranzler. I’m a shading and lighting technical director from Germany who graduated from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in April 2014.

I started out in CG during my math degree when I got the opportunity to do internships at a German reseller and production company where I got into contact with Pixar’s RenderMan for the first time. After some time back at uni I deepened my knowledge in shader development until I had the opportunity to implement my thesis at Trixter Film in Munich developing Spherical Harmonic Lighting. I graduated with a degree equivalent to a master’s in 2011.

At Filmakademie I started out by doing effects for a few projects to learn Houdini. During the summer break after the first year I went back to Trixter for lighting on a Comic-Con teaser for “Iron Man 3”. That summer I also had the opportunity to work at MPC London for two month, lighting on “Skyfall” and “Man of Steel”. Back at Filmakademie I helped out on a few more graduation projects and developed an open source tool using Dreamworks’ OpenVDB and Disney’s SeExpr before I finally finished off with the graduation short “The Present”.

If you want to know more or would like to give me some feedback, feel free to contact me here or through any of the social networks on the left. 🙂


To download my Resume, please contact me for the password.

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